Free and easy online tool to collect, organize and share any web content

Create Web pages with texts, links, documents, videos, photos, presentations, RSS feeds and other content

See how to:

  • Organize different content

    Combine images, links, documents, videos and other Web services on the single Web page

  • Start the page

    Use your own content or pull the content from the Web

  • Edit the page

    Organize it in the way you like

  • Personalize the page

    Create the theme, using own photos and pictures in the design

Add new content from any web page in a single click using browser extension for Google Chrome or Firefox

Two types of Free Accounts

Tutoring and education case

General workflow:


Register and manage students and other teachers.
No emails required.


Gather and share education materials with your students.


Enable your students to create own pages, vote and comment on liked pages.


Create study grups and publish pages to groups libraries.


Students will see pages publsihed to their groups and will be updated on changes.


Enable collaborative work allowing studnets to publish own pages to the group.

Build Trusted Environment

Control who can collaborate with your users:


Establish a friendship with other organization accounts to enable users collaboration.


Only friendly organizations users can collaborate with your users.


Control the level of access for each friendly organization.


Create cross-organizations groups and groups libraries.


Build you own trusted collaboration network.

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