Create engaging educational pages

Enables teachers and students to curate and organize educational content, providing key teacher tools for a dynamic learning experience.

Create interactive educational pages using your own and curated content and enrich your digital classroom capabilities.

Craft interactive pages using content from popular teacher tools online alongside your materials, perfect for content curation in education

Collect and organize various learning materials, games, and quizzes to share them with your students and enrich your digital classroom

Switch to an organization account to work with groups, classes or an institution

Efficient online teaching tool, offering a streamlined experience for educators and students in the digital learning environment

General workflow:


Register and manage students and other teachers.
No emails required.


Gather and share education materials with your students.


Enable your students to create own pages, vote and comment on liked pages.


Create study groups and publish pages to groups libraries.


Students will see pages published to their groups and will be updated on changes.


Enable collaborative work allowing students to publish own pages to the group.

See how to:

  • Organize different content

    Combine images, links, documents, videos and other Web content on the single Web page

  • Edit a page

    Organize it in the way you like

  • Personalize a page

    Create the theme, using own photos and pictures in the design

  • Add Quizzes

    Create quizzes and add them to your pages

Add new content from any web page in a single click using browser extension for Google Chrome or Firefox

Build a trusted environment

Control who can collaborate with your students:


Establish a friendship with other organization accounts to enable students collaboration.


Only friendly organizations teachers and students can collaborate with your students.


Control the level of access for each friendly organization.


Create cross-organizations groups and groups libraries.


Build you own trusted collaboration network.

Our pricing

Choose a subscription plan for services

$ 0.00
  • Unlimited number of netboards
  • Try out how the quizzes work
  • 10 organization users (students and teachers accounts)
  • No ability to upload video or audio
  • LMS integration support
from$ 4.99monthly
  • Unlimited number of netboards
  • Unlimited number of quizzes
  • Upload video (up to 300Mb) and audio files (all users)
  • Group, organize and manage your netboards using collections
  • Hide or reveal posts and tabs or schedule them for automatic publishing
  • Other users can send you direct messages, with photos, videos, documents and audio
  • Accept or reject comments and posts before they are published online
  • LMS integration support
Choose your plan based on the number of student and teacher accounts, as well as the payment period:

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