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General Questions

What is a netboard?

Netboard is a world wide accessible web page where you can easily gather videos, photos, RSS feeds, presentations, links and many more things from the web. Netboard is the best way to combine and share different web content.

Is there a limit to the number of netboards I can have?
There is no limit for that.
Will the limit appear later?
We don't have such plans
Can I put an advertisement on my netboard?

Your netboard is totally your own web space. You can put everything unless it violates the Terms of Service.

What is a meaning of Complaint here?

Complaint is a way to notify administrators about netboards that violate Terms of the Services.

I found a problem. What can I do? Can it be fixed?

Please describe it using Feedback widget (Contact Support) at your personal page or just email us about the problem (

We will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

There are some features that are missing. Can you add them?
Your feedback about features you want is very important for us.

Email us about it ( and we will try to add it.

Where can I read about the Terms Of Services?

Access Control

Who can see a public netboard?
Any person in the web.
Can someone see my private netboard?

No one else can see your private netboard.

Can I share my private netboard with a friend?

You can select friends who can see your private netboard at your personal page using "Who can see this netboard" action. Also you can do it in the netboard menu using "Grant access" option.

What is access link?
You can share netboard access link with those who has no account yet.
It will allow them to collaborate on your netboard.

You can generate Read link to allow them to see and comment your private netboard.
You can generate Edit link to allow them to edit your netboard just like registered co-author.
Both types of links work for private and public netboards.

Netboard Editing

Can I move posts between tabs?

Just drag the post to the target tab name and its content will be shown.

Can I change the tab order?

Just drag and drop the tab while your netboard is in Edit mode.

When do my netboard changes become public?
Immediately after you save them.
Can I post a document from Google Docs?

Just post the link, which Google suggests you for the document sharing.

Can I use tags?

You can use tags to quickly filter posts on the netboard (e.g. #level1 or #level2). Just start any word with "#" to create a tag.

What is mosaic alignment?
Mosaic alignment makes your netboards more fancy and compact

We have recorded a short video to demonstrate the difference between default and mosaic alignments.

How can I enforce strict posts order?
By the default tries to fill empty space to make the board to look as a fancy Web Page.

Sometimes strict posts order is required. For this case you can use Ordered or Notes alignment.

The difference between them is height equalization which is not performed with Notes alignment.

To switch an alignment you need to enable Edit mode, open Customize tab, select main netboard area for customization and chose an option from alignments menu.


Who is a netboard co-author?
Co-author has limited ability to edit your netboard.

He/she can make new posts and delete previously added posts.

Can I set a co-author for a private netboard?

Co-author will gain access automatically.

Post a video

How to post a video?
  1. Swicth your netboard to the Edit mode by clicking Edit button in the top menu.
  2. Enter video URL in the "Post the URL" field and press Post button.
    Example of the video URL from Youtube:
  3. Click Save button in the top menu to apply your netboard changes.
  4. Click on just saved video post to make video player appear.
Which video services are supported?
Video is being discovered automatically using provided link. We know that following services are supported, but there is no way to get the full list:
College Humor
Daily Motion
Funny or Die
MajorLeagueGaming (MLG)
Minoto Video
WordPress TV
Yandex Video

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